Department of Political Science


Affiliate/visiting students

Doctoral students who are registered at another (usually overseas) institution can visit the school for a period of time to carry out research that will contribute to their degree.

At UCL, such visiting students are known as affiliate students.

The guidelines for graduate affiliate students are as follows:

  • An affiliate student is normally one who is registered for a qualification elsewhere but who wishes to study at UCL to complement the work done at his or her home institution. In appropriate cases it may be possible to assign credit for the work done at UCL, but it is not possible to receive a UCL qualification as an affiliate student.

  • Graduate Affiliate Status is expected to appeal mainly to international students. The length of study at UCL varies normally between 3 months and one year. Graduate affiliates may apply independently. Full-time and part-time affiliate study at graduate level, including research, is possible. Applicants for graduate level affiliate study must possess an acceptable university degree (or equivalent) and meet UCL's English Language requirement.

  • Tuition fees are the same as for the comparable degree programme. For affiliate research, the pro rata amount depends on the number of weeks of study at UCL. For taught programmes, the amount charged depends on which term, or terms, are spent at UCL. 

  • Applicants for graduate affiliate research admission should first check that the there is a member of academic staff in the relevant academic field who can supervise the research, and are willing to do so (initial enquiries should be sent to spp.pg@ucl.ac.uk).*

Please refer to the Visiting Research Students webpage for guidance on how to apply. 

* Affiliate students are regarded as SPP MPhil/PhD students with access to the usual research student facilities (e.g. PhD seminar, student computer account, library access, PhD room access).

PhD deadlines apply.