Department of Political Science


Careers Destinations

Details of graduate destinations from our past student cohorts. The information comes from the UCL destinations tool and uses data from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.

MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics

The MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics* programme focuses on the design, creation, and operation of democratic institutions in new and old democracies. Students will be equipped with both theoretical tools and empirical evidence necessary for an entry into the world of government policy, non-governmental organisations, or the private sector.

MSc European Public Policy

The European Public Policy programme provides an in-depth and systematic understanding of the EU’s institutions, political processes and policies. It covers executive, legislative and judicial politics in Europe; introduces public policy-formulation and decision-making; and discusses key questions of contemporary European governance. Most students choose the MSc as the foundation for a career in European affairs—in the EU’s institutions; in central, regional or local government; in NGOs, business, lobby groups and public affairs consultancies.

MSc Global Governance and Ethics

The MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme combines normative and empirical approaches to international justice, organisations and processes, and applies them to the analysis of global political institutions and policies.

MSc International Public Policy

The MSc International Public Policy programme provides students with a detailed and systematic understanding of how political institutions, processes and public policies operate in world affairs. The programme equips students with the theoretical tools and empirical evidence necessary for an in-depth understanding of policy-making within the general theories of International Relations, political science, public policy and comparative politics. Most students use the MSc as the foundation for, or a year out from, a career in international politics or policy-making.

MA Legal and Political Theory

The MA Legal and Political Theory programme provides students with the key analytical skills to study the ethical dimensions of politics and public policy. The programme explores the moral quality of the decisions citizens and professionals take, and the justice of the legal and political structures within which they operate.

MSc Security Studies

The MSc Security Studies programme combines empirical and normative approaches to the causes of political violence, the application of military force, humanitarian intervention, and the provision of global public goods. Attention is placed upon introducing students to skills essential to the analytical study of politics at the transnational level.