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Lisa Vanhala - Making Rights a Reality? wins two academic prizes

21 June 2012

Lisa Vanhala - Making Rights a Reality?

Lisa Vanhala’s book Making Rights a Reality? Disability Rights Activists and Legal Mobilization was recently awarded two academic prizes. Earlier this year Lisa was awarded the Socio-Legal Studies Association/Hart Early Career Prize. The monograph was also recently recognized as the Best Book in Comparative Politics for 2010  & 2011 by the Canadian Political Science Association.

The CPSA described the book as making “a major theoretical contribution to our understanding of the politics of disability rights, the judicialization of politics, and social movement theory. Vanhala presents a strong argument for ‘why, when and how some groups are more likely than others to rely on strategic litigation as part of their overall logic of action’…. Using a socio-logical-institutional approach, she develops a rich, in-depth analysis based in extensive interview data.” The monograph was published last year by Cambridge University Press.

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