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Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve - Looking for the leader gene

18 March 2013

Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve (click image to view high resolution version).

Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve was recently interviewed for Focus, a German weekly news magazine published in Munich and distributed throughout Germany.

Have world champions and top managers advantages that lie dormant in the depths of their cells? Researchers decipher the secret of success. More and more accurately they illuminate our heritage. With surprising results.

Daring he plunges down the slope. Left, right, left, he hunts down the slalom steep slopes. Much of the journey he had not noticed, except that the people were extremely quiet, Felix Neureuther says later. The silence is a good sign. At the end of Skiprofi wins silver at the World Championships. It is the first World Cup alpine medal of the men for twelve years and his first precious metal.

Felix Neureuther is the son of the German ski legends Rosi Mittermeier and Christian Neureuther. His career was marked by great expectations. In Schladming show he could tell him he is one of the best winter athletes in the world.

With other top athletes have Win family tradition. Record national Natascha Keller took almost all of the titles that are in the international women's hockey possible. She and her brother Florian Keller are the latest in the world's most successful hockey family. With athletes like Olympic swimmer Helge Meeuw, biathlete Michael Roesch or cyclist Björn Thurau were also already parents successful Olympians or Tour de France-driver. 

Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

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Photography by Graham Trott