Department of Political Science


Is China Becoming a New Global Hegemon?

9 April 2014

Panel Discussion organised by IPPR and School of Public Policy


  • Chair: Prof Zheng Xiao Guo: UCL’s Pro-Provost for China and professor of Materials Chemistry;
  • Sai Tan (MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics) : “Is China a new global hegemon?”;
  • Chenxi Yang (MSc Public Policy) : “Is China a developing country?”;
  • Dr Jan Knoerich: Lecturer on the Economy of China & Scholar Lau China Institute, King’s College London;
  • Dr Hong Bo: Reader in Financial Economics at the Department of Financial & Management Studies, SOAS, University of London;
  • Roy Graff: Project Director, Eco Heritage Tourism & JUCCCE;
  • Martin Jacques: Author & Senior Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University.

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