Department of Political Science


Sir Roderic Lyne talks about the Ukraine Crisis

4 April 2014

'Is Russia trying to revive the Soviet Union'?

Roderic Lyne visited the School of Public Policy and examined the Ukrainian crisis in the wider context of Russian policy and attitudes since the collapse of the Soviet Union. What triggered the Russian threats to Ukraine? What are Russia’s objectives there? How does this fit into Russian policy towards the “post-Soviet space”? Is Russia expansionist or defensive, resurgent or vulnerable? Are we still coping with the aftershocks of the Soviet implosion – and for how long? Does Russia’s behaviour reflect a view of the world which will last beyond the Putin regime?

Roderic Lyne was the British Ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2000 to 2004, and spent half of his 34 years in the Diplomatic Service dealing with the USSR and its successor States. Since 2004 he has visited Russia regularly as a businessman, consultant and commentator. He was the co-author, with Strobe Talbott and Koji Watanabe, of “Engaging with Russia: The Next Phase” (a report published by the Trilateral Commission in 2006); and is the Deputy Chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House.