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Nupur Sharma MSc Public Policy is this year’s recipient of the Great UCL India Scholarship


Nupur Sharma 

Find out more about Nupur who is studying MSc Public Policy with us this academic year...

Why did you join UCL?
UCL has one of the best faculties in Political Science, a cosmopolitan setting of the city of London, and an opportunity to be amongst the brightest minds of the world. The diversity of London and the classical strings attached to UCL is something that attracted  me to join UCL.

What were your first impressions of the department?
The induction held in the first week has been an enriching experience. The teachers have been very inspiring and insightful with their techniques and approaches reaching out for very topic.

What is the rest of your cohort like?
The cohort has been very supportive so far. The colleagues have been very inspirational and interactive. The different backgrounds, cultures are always brightening out the perspective and looking forward to a very enriching experience, lasting friendships, and support of the professors.

What do you like best about your course so far?
My previous academic degree was limited to the theoretical aspect of learning rather than practical insights. With change being such a natural phenomenon today, Public Policy is helping me strive towards practical learning and understanding through the course like quantitative learning, international negotiations, and many more. The course will help me further to hold a diverse position wherever I go

What are you looking forward to most during your time here?
History is always enticing to me. London has been such a vital part of history. From the time I am here, every time I take a walk the same way gives me a new idea about our past. So taking long strolls and visiting museums is something I intend to do during my time here. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
Having got the GREAT Britain Scholarship to study here at UCL can be considered my most significant achievement to date. I still remember the day, date, time of the day I received the mail from the scholarship authorities about my selection. It’s a privilege to be part of one of the most prestigious scholarships.

What is your favourite book?
Anyday shortlisting, one of my favourite book, is a difficult job. Nevertheless, one of the books that I pick when I am low on hopes is Jonathan Livingston Seagull Book by Richard Bach because your Hopes and Dreams should never fade.

What would your perfect day look like?
My perfect day would be a bright sunny day with a good breakfast.  Followed by a museum visit and ending my day with a stroll to my nearby grocery store.

If you could implement one policy in the world today, what would it be?
The one policy, I would implement is a policy on Climate change and Environment. I feel that instead of delving into the debate of Environment vs. Development, we should consider the fact that Environment and development are not different. Our growth and the development of future generation is only possible when we take into account our natural Environment, which endows us with our necessities.

During my tenure at UCL, I would like to gain more in-dept knowledge about the related  fields that can help me in making a difference and leading towards a qualitative enhancement of the world.