Department of Political Science


Research Sub-Fields

The Department of Political Science at UCL brings together a wide range of experts in public policy, management and regulation. It is home to internationally leading research on public policy – including behavioural public policy, European public policy and social policy – as well as regulation, public management and public

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Comparative Politics

The Department of Political Science at UCL has extensive expertise in comparative politics, which involves the study of the similarities and differences of domestic political institutions and behaviour. Whilst much of this work engages in comparison across states, the study of comparative politics also includes the examination of political institutions in a domestic context at national, regional and local levels.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Modern social sciences can hardly be envisioned without data science. Our department has an active group of researchers that employs sophisticated tools and techniques as well as refines and produces new models and approaches. Most applications involve testing theoretical hypothesis and verifying whether there is empirical support for specific arguments and claims.

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International Relations

The Department of Political Science at UCL has developed a strong core of expertise in International Relations (IR). Our research covers each of the major sub-fields of IR, with particular expertise in international security, international political economy, conflict processes, international theory and international law. We engage in high quality research that addresses the key empirical puzzles and normative issues of contemporary international relations, such as civil war and terrorism, global poverty and inequality, non-state actors, globalisation and global governance, and foreign-policy making.

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Legal and Political Theory

Our department is home to a vibrant community of political and legal philosophers. Through our work, we aim to make progress in major scholarly debates while grappling with some of the most difficult moral questions faced by citizens and policymakers in today’s world. Our scholarship engages deeply with empirical political science and law, enabling us to specify the implications of abstract political and moral principles for concrete issues in policymaking, institutional design, and legal interpretation.

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Public Policy, Management and Regulation

UCL is home to a vibrant community of public policy and management scholars, who draw on multiple empirical methods to produce internationally-leading research. The Department counts on particular expertise in behavioral public policy, European public policy, social policy, public management, public finance and regulation.