Department of Political Science


Message from the Director, Thomas Gift

Given many important political trends in the United States that mirror those in other parts of the world—from the rise of populism and fake news,” to concerns about authoritarianism and mounting polarization—maintaining an international perspective on US politics is critical.


Here in the UK, with its longstanding special relationship” with the United States, that task is especially clear. It’s why we started the Centre on US Politics (CUSP) at University College London London (UCL).

Housed within the School of Public Policy at UCL, one of the worlds leading universities—and with support from the UCL Institute of the Americas—CUSP is uniquely situated to provide rigorous, thoughtful, and incisive analysis of crucial political developments in the United States and their implications for a global audience.

Everyday, CUSP members are shaping salient conversations about US politics—here the UK, in the United States, and around the world. In addition to publishing in top academic presses and scholarly journals, CUSP members routinely engage with policymakers and appear in an array of international media outlets.

CUSP strengthens ties across UCL scholars writing and commenting on US politics, maximizing the quality, diversity, and visibility of their contributions.

We hope that youll peruse our website to learn more about CUSP’s exciting work—and the real-world impact were having in informing a global view of US politics.

                                                                               Best wishes,

                                                                               Thomas Gift
                                                                               CUSP Director