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Conflict & Change Research Cluster

The Conflict & Change group contributes to the scientific understanding of political violence.

Sharing a focus on systematic analysis of theoretically-informed and policy-relevant questions, our research draws on a diverse spectrum of methods—from disaggregated large-n analysis and forecasting to fieldwork-based case studies and normative theory.

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The Constitution Unit

The Constitution Unit conducts timely, rigorous, independent research into constitutional change and its consequences. Our research has significant real-world impact, informing policy-makers engaged in constitutional reform both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

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The Politics Experiments Research Cluster (PERC)

PERC members regard the use of the experimental method—and causal explanation more generally—as an important advance in the social sciences as experiments offer leverage in answering research questions.

European Parliament

European Public Policy

The European Union is a rapidly growing influence on all aspects of public policy in the UK, across the EU's Member States and beyond the region. Understanding supranational decision-processes and their normative foundation is therefore increasingly important for any student of domestic and global public policy in the 21st century.

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Human Rights

The Department of Political Science at UCL has a strong core expertise in the field of human rights. Our research covers major themes in human rights research including theoretical foundations of human rights, human rights and international justice theory, the nexus between international justice, international law and human rights, international organisations and human rights, domestic and international politics of human rights and qualitative and quantitative analysis of human rights.

Global Governance Institute

Global Governance Institute

The UCL Global Governance Institute undertakes cross-disciplinary study of crucial governance ‘deficits’ in order to explore the nature of the problem, the processes, structures and institutions involved, and potential solutions. The Institute brings to bear the distinctive strengths of UCL on such an enterprise: namely, our ability to integrate disciplines that draw from both a material base (from disciplines such as engineering, clinical medicine, and the physical and natural sciences) and a social sciences and humanities perspective.