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Book cover showing a broken mosaic of a woman, in early Christian style

Katie Gaddini. 2022. The Struggle to Stay. New York: Columbia University Press.

The author’s insider perspective provides essential insight into fractures within the evangelical movement, and the focus on the experiences of individuals puts a human face on larger trends. This moving and incisive account will resonate with anyone who has struggled with their faith.

 - Publishers Weekly


Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klaas. 2018. How to Rig an Election. Yale Univ. Press.

"Cheeseman and Klaas hit the nail on the head: in many countries elections are a sham. The problem is getting worse, while the international community connives at being deceived. The implications for public policy are profound and will take years to digest. An excellent book." 

       —Sir Paul Collier, author of Wars, Guns and Votes


Nadia Hilliard. 2017. The Accountability State: US Federal Inspectors General and the Pursuit of Democratic Integrity. Kansas.

"This timely book is essential reading for anyone who concerned about government accountability in this era of complex services....Nadia Hilliard has written a comprehensive, long overdue book on the intersection between these key officers in the "accountability state" and the norms that guide democratic process. She has written the most important book on the inspectors general in at least two decades." 

       —Paul C. Light, Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service, NYU


Brian Klaas. 2017. The Despot’s Apprentice: Donald Trump's Attack on Democracy. C. Hurst & Co.

"Brian Klaas uses his knowledge of the world's despotic regimes to shed light on authoritarian tendencies in contemporary America. A chilling reminder of the very real threats that the Trump administration poses to American democracy, and essential reading for those who want to do something about it." 

       —Anne Applebaum, columnist for the Washington Post and Pulitzer Prize winner