Department of Political Science


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Thomas Gift
Dr Thomas Gift, CUSP Director

Associate Professor in Political Science

Thomas’s research and teaching interests include US politics, public policy, and applications of survey and experimental methods.

Julie Norman
Dr Julie Norman, CUSP Co-Director

Associate Professor in Politics & International Relations

Julie’s research and teaching interests include international relations, US foreign policy, security, political violence, and political protest.



Gareth Davies
Professor Gareth Davies

Professor in American History

Gareth's research has focussed variously on the history of the US welfare state, the political legacy of the 1960s, and on attempting to explain governmental growth in a persistently anti-statist political culture.  


Jared Finnegan
Dr Jared Finnegan

Lecturer in Public Policy

Jared's research investigates how governments, voters, and business understand and address long-term societal challenges, particularly climate change.


Dr Katie Gaddini

Associate Professor in Sociology

Katie's current research investigates the race-religion-nationalism nexus in the United States.

Melanie Garson
Dr Melanie Garson

Senior Teaching Fellow in International Conflict Resolution & Security

Melanie's research and teaching interests include international negotiation and mediation, emerging technologies and the future of conflict in a digital age, cyberwarfare, and US foreign policy.

Dr Nadia Hilliard

Associate Professor in US Politics

Nadia’s research focuses on the themes of accountability and state building in the American political development (APD) tradition.

Dr Jeffrey Howard

Associate Professor in Political Theory

Jeffrey writes and teaches about a variety of topics in contemporary political and legal philosophy, especially concerning crime and punishment, freedom of expression, and counter-terrorism.

Dr Brian Klaas

Associate Professor in Global Politics 

Brian is an expert on democracy, authoritarianism, US foreign policy, American politics more generally, political violence, and elections.




Reverend Professor Keith Magee

Senior Fellow in Culture and Justice

Keith's research and teaching interests include social justice, civil rights, and voting rights and the intersection of US race, religion, and politics.


Dr Jonathan Monten

Associate Professor in Political Science

Jonathan's research and teaching interests are in the areas of international relations, international security, and US foreign policy.

Dr Michael Plouffe

Lecturer in International Political Economy

Michael's work on the US focuses on trade policy, both in the politics behind its formation and its effects across the economy. 

Colin Provost
Dr Colin Provost

Associate Professor in Public Policy

Colin’s research focuses on regulation through litigation in the American states, specifically on the role of state attorneys general in enforcing state and federal laws in consumer protection, competition (antitrust), and finance.



Dr Mitch Robertson
Dr Mitch Robertson

Associate Lecturer in US History 

Mitch's research focuses on modern political history of the United States, with a particular emphasis on the role played by non-elected actors in the US political system.

Andy wears a jacket, shirt and tie, and smiles
Prof Andy Rudalevidge

Honorary Professor

Andy is an expert in American political institutions, especially the modern presidency, the executive branch, and interbranch relations.

Visiting Research Fellows


Tom Packer
Dr Tom Packer

Research Fellow at Institute of the Americas

Tom's research and teaching interests include US politics, elections, US Conservatism, and US history broadly defined.