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Tim Oliver

Tim Oliver

Dr Tim Oliver

Teaching Fellow in British Politics and British Government and Politics


Tim is a teaching fellow in British politics in 2017 having previously taught at UCL in 2007. From 2015-17 he was a Dahrendorf Fellow for Europe-North American Relations at LSE IDEAS. 

He remains an Associate of LSE IDEAS. He spent several years as a lecturer in defence and international affairs at the British Army’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He has also taught at LSE and in 2016 was a visiting scholar at New York University. 

He has worked at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), the Center for Transatlantic Relations in John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, and the RAND Corporation. His political experience includes several years working in the European Parliament and the House of Lords. 

He is the Research Director of Brexit Analytics. 


Tim’s research focuses on British government and politics (especially constitutional matters), British foreign, security and defence policy, the EU, European geopolitics, UK-EU relations, Brexit, and transatlantic relations. 

His current research focuses on European views of Britain and Brexit, and the place of London in the UK. 

Selected Publications (2016-17)

  • Oliver, Tim and Williams, Michael (2017) Making the 'special relationship' great again? IDEAS Reports - Strategic Updates, SU1701. LSE IDEAS, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.
  • Oliver, Tim and Williams, Mike (2017) In 2017 and beyond, the UK-US Special Relationship will be caught between a Trump Rock and a Brexit Hard Place USApp – American Politics and Policy Blog (16 Jan 2017) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2017) Fifty shades of Brexit: Britain’s EU referendum and its implications for Europe and Britain The International Spectator. ISSN 0393-2729
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) This referendum won't settle the European question Demos Quarterly. ISSN 1361-1275
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Brexit or Bremain for British security Sustainable Security (3 May 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Understanding non-British views of Brexit UK in a Changing Europe (5 Dec 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) The UK and Europe: ideas, interests, institutions, international and individuals: the five I's of Brexit. E!Sharp (1 Jul 2016) opinion
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Book review: Britain's Europe: a thousand years of conflict and cooperation. By Brendan Simms International Affairs, 92 (5). 1273-1274. ISSN 00205850
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) We must not ignore the rise of English nationalism Newsweek (26 Jul 2016) opinion
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) What if Britain had voted to leave the EEC in 1975? In: Brack, Duncan and Dale, Iain, (eds.) Prime Minister Corbyn: and other things that never happened. Biteback Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9781785900457
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Brexit, stage left The Mark News (28 Jun 2016) opinion
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  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Facing Britain's European obsession The Ripon Forum (1 Apr 2016)
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Brexit: the many roads to a crisis? LSE Brexit blog (21 Sep 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) How will the EU interpret the Brexit vote? LSE Brexit blog (24 Jun 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Now! That’s what I call Brexit. Delving into the Brexicon LSE Brexit (12 Dec 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) A Trump presidency would present an enormous challenge for the UK-US ‘special relationship’ USApp – American Politics and Policy Blog (5 Nov 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Shades of grey: is Brexit going to lead to European disintegration? LSE Brexit blog (1 Jul 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Forget independence for London: but the capital now needs its own devolved government more than ever British Politics and Policy at LSE (25 Jun 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Preparations for a Brexit: the EU will shape what happens after a vote to withdraw LSE Ideas (13 Apr 2016) Blog entry
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) European and international views of Brexit Journal of European Public Policy, 23 (9). 1321-1328. ISSN 1350-1763
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) A European Union without the United Kingdom: the geopolitics of a British exit from the EU Strategic updates , 16.1. London, UK, LSE IDEAS.
  • Oliver, Tim (2016) The UK needs a devolved government for London Democratic Audit Blog (22 Jan 2016) Blog entry
  • Daddow, Oliver and Oliver, Tim (2016) A not so awkward partner: the UK has been a champion of many causes in the EU LSE Ideas (15 Apr 2016) Blog entry
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  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Inglorious Brexit: the defence and security implications of Brexit Dahrendorf Forum – Debating Europe (12 Dec 2016) Blog entry
  • Keil, Steven and Oliver, Tim (2016) What would a US policy of 'restraint' mean for the Warsaw NATO Summit? International Politics Reviews, 4 (1). 31-35. ISSN 2050-2982
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  • Oliver, Tim (2016) Brexit: what happens next? LSE IDEAS Strategic Update (18 Jun 2016) Website
  • McNerney, Michael J. and Johnson, Stuart E. and Pezard, Stephanie and Stebbins, David and Miles, Renanah and O'Mahony, Angela and Feng, Chaoling and Oliver, Tim (2016) Defense institution building in Africa: an assessment Research Reports, RR-1232-OSD. Rand Corporation, London, UK. ISBN 9780833092403
  • Oliver, Tim and Williams, Michael John (2016) Special relationships in flux: Brexit and the future of the US-EU and US-UK relationships International Affairs, 92 (3). 547-567. ISSN 0020-5850
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  • Oliver, Tim (2016) The world after Brexit: from British referendum to global adventure International Politics, 53 (6). 689-707. ISSN 1384-5748


POLS6001B: British Politics

PUBLG043: British Government and Politics