Department of Political Science


Ruxandra Serban

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Ruxandra Serban

Email: ruxandra.serban.13@ucl.ac.uk

Ruxandra started as a PhD student in the UCL Department of Political Science in September 2015, having previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Constitution Unit.

Her project investigates the relationship between prime ministers and legislatures in parliamentary democracies, and looks at whether mechanisms such as Prime Minister’s Question Time allow parliamentary actors effectively to hold heads of government accountable, or whether such mechanisms also contribute to other functions that parliaments perform in different political systems, such as representation or conflict management. She is supervised by Professor Meg Russell and Dr Alan Renwick.

Ruxandra also works with Professor Meg Russell as a Research Assistant on the Unit’s work on the House of Lords.

She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Bucharest and an MSc in Democracy and Comparative Politics from UCL.