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Roberta Damiani

Roberta Damiani

Email: r.damiani@ucl.ac.uk


Roberta started her PhD at UCL in September 2016. She holds a BA in Economics and Politics from Queen Mary University of London (2011-2014) and a MSc in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics (2014-2015). After completing her MSc, she joined the Constitution Unit, at UCL, where she worked first as an intern and then as a research assistant on the ‘Parliament’ and the ‘Elections and Referendum’ projects.


Roberta’s main research interests are comparative politics, specifically parliaments and bicameralism, and Italian politics.

Her PhD project focuses on the Italian parliament, and aims to investigate the role of the upper chamber (the Senate) in the legislative process. She is working under the supervision of Professor Meg Russell and Dr Alan Renwick.