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Radoslaw Kowalski

Radoslaw Kowalski

Email: radoslaw.kowalski.14@ucl.ac.uk


An investigation into what insight can performance measured with written feedback give in addition to existing measurement methods of organisational performance in healthcare


Radoslaw investigates new ways to analyse written customer reviews in ways which support organisational performance measurement. Reviews of GP practices supported by NHS England are the object of his study. 

Radoslaw uses an array of machine learning and statistical models to create more incisive and interactive analytical tools for large organisations. The next generation of performance measurement tools is to help bridge the gap between customer preferences and organisational priorities. For example, general practitioners and nurses who work in GP practices should never have, given available funding, a moral dilemma between optimal fulfilment of organisational targets and optimal service provision for patients

Initial research outcomes suggest that online written reviews:

1) Are a superior source of information compared to patient surveys and can replace them

2) Can help explain the reasons for sound or poor performance of individual GP practices as it is measured with currently used performance indicators