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Philipp Schroeder

Philipp Schroeder

Email: philipp.schroeder.13@ucl.ac.uk

Philipp is a second-year PhD candidate at the UCL Department of Political Science. He holds an MSc in European Public Policy from UCL and a BA in Political Science as well as Media and Communication Science from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. He has also studied at the University in Bergen, Norway. Prior to joining UCL, Philipp worked as a research fellow at the Chair of International Relations held by Prof Berthold Rittberger at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. He co-authored a chapter on the legitimacy of regional organizations with Prof Berthold Rittberger published in the Oxford University Press Handbook on Comparative Regionalism. He is also part of the editorial team at the Journal of European Public Policy.

Philipp’s research focuses on the role of courts in policy-making processes and strategic interactions between courts and other branches of government. In his PhD thesis Philipp seeks to understand how justices decide when they exercise judicial review. At the heart of his thesis lies the observation that courts can offer concessions to other branches of government to proof their judicial review decisions against non-implementation. Philipp’s research asks under which conditions justices will offer concessions, what kind of concessions they are willing grant, and how other branches of government respond to such offers.

Philipp’s research applies game theoretical approaches to the study of the behaviour of courts and he is interested in both quantitative as well as qualitative methodology.