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Lotte Hargrave

Lotte Hargrave

Email: charlotte.hargrave.16@ucl.ac.uk


Lotte is a first-year PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science.
Her doctoral research sets about investigating whether women’s parliamentary presences make a difference substantively and symbolically. It examines this question by measuring whether female legislators in the British Parliament display a distinct ‘feminised political style’ that differs from the traditional masculinised style and culture. She is working under the supervision of Professors Meg Russell and Jennifer Hudson.

She holds an MSc in Democracy and Comparative Politics from UCL and a BA in Politics from the University of Nottingham. Prior to undertaking her PhD studies, Lotte was first a Research Volunteer and then later Research Assistant at the Constitution Unit, a role she still holds. Previously she has worked for the British Election Study, and has conducted research for several women’s organisations and charities, such as POW Nottingham and Nottingham Women’s Centre.