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Karin Kuhlemann

Karin Kuhlemann

Email: karin.kuhlemann.11@ucl.ac.uk

Karin Kuhlemann is a PhD candidate at the UCL Department of Political Theory and a practicing lawyer specialised in public, financial services and regulatory law. She holds an LLB from London (External) (2007-2009), in addition to a BSc in International Studies (2004-2008) and a BSc in Life Sciences (2004-2006) from the Open University. 

Karin's dissertation project of applied political theory focuses on the human right to procreate and the legitimate scope of anti-natalist population policies. As part of this, Karin is developing a novel, interest-based account of the right to procreate that engages with the oft-neglected issue of limits to rights, with particular attention to the normative implications of risking in the context of unsustainable population growth.