Department of Political Science


Jennifer Hodge


Email: jennifer.hodge.18@ucl.ac.uk


Jennifer is a first-year PhD candidate at the UCL Department of Political Science. Her doctoral study focuses on the conditions under which civilians in war-torn states challenge the use of violence by mobilizing and participating in anti-war campaigns. While there is a growing body of research exploring the trade-off between violent and non-violent resistance, Jennifer’s PhD hones in on the civilians who actively campaign for peace. Her dissertation has a particular focus on the “first movers” of such campaigns, for whom the expected utility of initiating a movement is not just negative but potentially lethal. More broadly, Jennifer’s research focuses on conflict resolution, transitional justice, and the conditions for sustainable peace. She is a member of the Conflict & Change research cluster at UCL.

Jennifer holds an MSc in Conflict Studies from LSE and an MA in Economics and Politics from the University of Edinburgh. She gained parliamentary and campaign experience working for Stephen Timms MP and Sir Kevin Barron MP in Westminster, and most recently worked in central government as a Strategic Advisor. Jennifer is also an ACA Chartered Accountant, and has worked internationally in the government, charitable and financial sectors.