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Jean-Baptiste Allegrini

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Jean-Baptiste Allegrini

Email: jean-baptiste.allegrini.13@ucl.ac.uk


Jean-Baptiste Allegrini is a first year MPhil PhD candidate at the UCL Department of Political Science (2016-20). He holds an MSc in Security Studies (2014-15) from UCL, an MA in European Studies (2011-13) and a BA of International Relations from the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He also studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, and the Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic. 


His research focuses on the governance of divided societies, particularly at the local level, inter-sectarian dialogue and security implications from sectarian tensions. He is particularly interested by the Lebanese case and the wider Near-Eastern and Mediterranean regions. Therefore, his dissertation considers how local governance impacts on inter-sectarian dialogue in Lebanese municipalities under the strain of the Syrian refugee influx. He has notably selected the cities of Baalbek, Tripoli and Zahle to proceed his research. His supervisors are Professor Sherrill Stroschein and Dr. Alexandra Hartman. 

He is observing how the practice of informality in the functioning of the Lebanese institutions has been destabilized by the settlement of the Syrian refugees. Lebanon highly relies on a system of informal clientelist networks which are being pressured by this external factor. As such, locally, other actors are empowered by this situation, notably ethnic entrepreneurs, dissenting from a moderate inter-sectarian political tradition of coexistence. Through a network and leadership analysis of his three case studies, he aims to understand the conditions favoring a rise in inter-sectarian tensions. 

Methodologically, he proceeds with an inductive and comparative approach. His small-N research is based on prospective field work, semi-structured interviews with local leaders and their clients. He will also use secondary sources, such as statements from leaders during electoral campaigns, to complete his qualitative research.

Jean-Baptiste Allegrini is currently creating a think-tank dedicated to democratic enhancement in the Mediterranean. He is a long-time member and benevolent of the Red Cross in Geneva. He interned for the Belgian Embassies in Dakar, Senegal, and Tunis, Tunisia, and for a Swiss NGO advocating for Human rights, the Centre International de la Paix et des Droits de l’Homme (CIPADH).