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Dr Tom O'Grady

Tom O'Grady

Dr Tom O'Grady

Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science


Tom O'Grady is a Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science, and a member of UCL's Q-Step Program in quantitative methods for the social sciences. He holds undergraduate and masters degrees in economics from Edinburgh and UCL, and worked as an economist at the Bank of England before entering academia. He recently completed a PhD in political science at MIT, and has also been a visiting scholar at the Oxford University Department of Politics and IR and at the Social Science Research Center (WZB) in Berlin, and an affiliated researcher at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard.


Tom’s research focuses on political economy, political behaviour and political parties in the UK and Europe. He is currently working on a book about changes in the British welfare system over the past thirty years, examining how politicians and voters have changed the way they think and speak about the provision of benefits. He has a range of other ongoing projects looking at the behaviour, opinions and rhetoric of both voters and politicians, including work on how voters form opinions on redistribution, how the class background of politicians affects their behaviour and the changing nature of voters’ ideologies in Europe.

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`Careerists versus Coal-Miners: Welfare Reforms and the Substantive Representation of Social Groups in the British Labour Party.' Comparative Political Studies, forthcoming

'How do Economic Circumstances Determine Preferences? Evidence From Long-Run Panel Data.' Forthcoming, British Journal of Political Science 

'Ideology, Grandstanding, and Strategic Party Disloyalty in the British Parliament' (with Jon Slapin, Justin Kirkland, Joseph Lazzaro and Patrick Leslie). Forthcoming, American Political Science Review