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Professor David Coen

David Coen

Professor of Public Policy and Director of Global Governance Institute

  • Room: 1.03, 29/30 Tavistock Sq
  • Telephone: 020 7679 4967 (x24967)
  • Email: d.coen@ucl.ac.uk

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David Coen is Professor of Public Policy at the Department of Political Science, School of Public Policy and founding Director of the Global Governance Institute at University College London. Previously he was Head of Department of Political Science at UCL from 2010 to 2018.
Prior to joining UCL, he held appointments at the London Business School and Max Planck Institute in Cologne. His PhD on business lobbying in the EU was awarded a distinction at the European University Institute in Florence. He has held distinguished visiting fellowships at the Schuman Centre for Advance Studies at the European University Institute (2019), the Fernand Braudel Professorial Fellowship at the Political Science Department EUI (2015), and the Fulbright Distinguished Fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (2009). He has also held visiting fellowships at the Centre for European Studies Harvard, Max Planck Institute, Bonn, Boston University, and Nuffield College Oxford. In terms of research, he has held grants from Anglo-German Foundation, British Academy, the EU FP6 & FP7, UCL Research Grand Challenges, Nuffield Foundation, and Fulbright Foundation. He current holds a European Union H20/20 on Global Governance, and an EU Jean Monnet Network Grant looking at EU/China Economic Governance.

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Research Interests

His research seeks to understand Business-Government Relations, Interest Group Mobilisation in the EU, Multilevel Venue Shopping, Regulatory Networks, and Economic Global Governance.

He has explored lobbying from an actor and institutional perspective and has conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis of the changing EU public policy arena. His research explores lobbying from the supply side, looking at business perspectives to lobbying EU institutions and the structure of government affairs offices, in an attempt to assess how far firms have developed a distinct Brussels lobbying style over the last 20 years. In recent years, his research has explored how different EU institutions and policies require different informational demands and therefore different interest group relationships, types and mobilisation. He has just completed a British Academy funded study of Revolving Doors in Brussel and in 2014/15, he conducted large European Parliament Commissioned survey of Lobbying of MEPs and EU interest mobilization.

The second research theme on EU Regulatory reform studies the emergence of European regulatory agencies and good governance. Specifically, the study explored how and why the European Commission, national governments and independent regulatory agencies have driven the creation of networks at the experience of European Regulators, their institutional character and their implications for regulatory governance in Europe. A second regulatory project co-directed with Professor Heritier at the European University Institute explored the logic of regulatory shopping base on a survey of 300+ business in 25 member states.

In terms of comparative regulation, he is currently conducting a large project that explores varieties of transnational regulation with the University Leiden, University of Lausanne and ESADE Spain. This large N project hopes to explore variance in transnational regulatory solutions, looking at how capacity and delegations vary with the goals and policy domains.

Finally, with Dr Tom Pegram at the GGI, he is building an ambitious new research agenda advancing a third generation of Global Governance scholarship with insights from across laws, Public Policy, Public Management and international relations. As part of this agenda, he is currently running a Global Governance and Climate research project as part of a larger GLOBE EU 20/20 research grant. The Global Governance theme is also explored in a large Jean Monnet Network project on EU-China Economic Governance.

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PhD and research supervision

He is interested projects on Business-government relations, Global Governance, Lobbying and Interest Group mobilization and organisation, International Regulatory design and Co-ordination, and Private/Public Governance.

PhDs Supervisions

  • Luca Bellodi. Incumbent business involvement in Rail liberalization and Regulation in Europe.
  • Jay O’Connor. Political Accountability and Modern State Governance.
  • Nino Jordon. The Governance of Embodied Emissions

Completed PhDs

  • Mattia Vannoni. Agenda setting in EU Tobacco Regulation. Now Lecturer Kings College London.
  • John Paul Salter. EU Financial Networks. Now Teaching Fellow at UCL.
  • Alexander Katsaitis. European Parliament Lobbying. Currently Post-doc at Oslo University and EUI Florence.
  • Antti Ville Suni.  Currently Teaching Fellow at Kings College London.
  • Ta-Ching Shih, European Competition Policy. Now at Competition Authority, Taiwan Government.
  • Andrew Tarrant. EU Networks in Telecom and Energy. Head of BT Government Affairs.
  • Katharina Kieslich. Currently Assistant Professor University of Wein & Research Fellow at Kings College London.
  • Susan Fuch, Policy Formulation in European Monetary Policy.
  • Maurice Wong, Chinese Financial Regulation. Analysist at the Economist.
  • Yuki Hamanda. Japanese Lobbying in EU. Now at Transparency Unit at OECD.

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