Department of Political Science


Natasha Osben

Natasha Osben
Senior Post Graduate Teaching Assistant in Political Science
Email: n.osben@ucl.ac.uk



Natasha completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Politics, and her Master of Arts degree in Philosophy at the University of Essex. She is currently in the final year of her Political Theory PhD at the University of Essex on the subject of social justice and harm. Natasha’s PhD research is supervised by Professor Paul Bou-Habib and Dr David V. Axelsen.


Natasha’s doctoral research focuses on the question of how societies ought to treat citizens who have been unable to attain the same level of income-earning skills as other citizens. Her research focuses in particular on the question of what we owe to people when we have wrongly harmed them. The aim of the research project is to reframe the discussion of what we owe to low-income citizens – not principally as a discussion of what we owe to the unlucky compared to what we owe to the imprudent – but rather as a discussion about duties of rectification, given that many are victims of wrongful harm.


Natasha teaches on the module POLS006: Justice: Moral Foundations of Politics.