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Jean-Baptiste Allegrini

PhD Candidate & Associate Teaching Fellow
1.01, 31 Tavistock Sq.
Tel: +44 (0) 7493356440
Email: jean-baptiste.allegrini.13@ucl.ac.uk



Jean Allegrini is PGTA and a fourth year PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science (2016-2021). He holds an MSc in Security Studies (2014-15) from UCL, an MA in European Studies (2011-13) and a BA of International Relations from the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Jean advises governmental offices and think tanks on Levantine affairs. In parallel he founded the #LireLeLiban [#ReadLebanon] campaign which promotes Lebanese literature across francophone countries.


Jean is an early career scholar specializing on Lebanon and Middle-Eastern studies. His work focuses on the governance of divided societies, notably at the local level. He considers the role of informal institutions as a mitigating factor of inter-sectarian tensions at times of migratory crisis. Therefore, his dissertation considers how local governance impacts on inter-sectarian dialogue in Lebanese municipalities under the strain of the Syrian refugee influx since 2011. Jean conducted seven months of fieldwork research in the Lebanese municipalities of Baalbek, Zahle and Tripoli in 2018-2019 using semi-structured interviews, observation, and survey data collected among Syrian and Lebanese residents. This research details how the exploitability of the displaced Syrians supports the resilience strategies of the clientelist networks’ leaders politically prevailing in Lebanese local governance. He also demonstrates how mechanisms of exclusion from patronage can help predict political change in vulnerable municipalities affected by migratory pressure.


Forthcoming articles:

  • Allegrini, J. (2021), 'The Generosity & Political Influence of Lebanese Diasporic Christian Patriarchates facing Syrian Migration into Zahle', In: Amandine Desille, Tina Magazzini & Thomas Lacroix (eds.), ‘Migrations, solidariti(es) and subnational politics’ collective publication.

Working papers for conference presentations:

  • Allegrini, J. (2021), ‘Hezbollah’s challenged Leadership over Baalbek: Independents’ Political Contest facing the ‘Resistance’ since the 2016 Municipal Elections’, Working paper for the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies 2021 conference in Canterbury. 
  • Allegrini, J. (2020), ‘Social Exclusion & Power Competition: The Rise and Fall of Political Independents in Tripoli (Lebanon) from the 2016 Municipal to the 2018 Legislative Elections’, Working Paper for the Middle East Studies Association 2020 conference in Washington D.C..
  • Allegrini, J. (2019), ‘Humanitarian Aid as an Opportunity for Decentralization, Resource Predation and Power Perpetuation in Local Governance: The Cases of Lebanon’s Bekaa Municipalities under the Syrian Refugee Crisis’, Working paper for the 1st International Conference on Humanitarian Action & Cooperation for Development at the University Fernando Pessoa of Porto, pp.1-27.
  • Jean taught for two years an annual undergraduate module of comparative politics at the Department of Political Economy in King’s College London with 120 students (2018-2020); and for the master students seminars of ‘Introduction to Qualitative Methods: Researching Politics using Observations, Interviews, and Mixed-Methods’ at the Department of Political Science in UCL. 
  • He will also teach qualitative research seminars for masters programs at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki in Fall 2020.