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Dr Paolo Morini

Research Fellow
2.03, 36-38 Gordon Sq.
Email: p.morini.11@ucl.ac.uk

Paolo Morini is a Research Fellow with the Development Engagement Lab since 2016. He researches public support for overseas development assistance, and public engagement with global poverty and sustainable development.  He holds undergraduate degree in European Economics from the University of Rome Tor Vergata (2011), a MSc in International Public Policy (2012) and a PhD in Political Science from UCL (2016). While at UCL, Paolo taught classes in Public Economics, Quantitative Research Methods, and International Development Politics and Policy, and won the UCL Department of Political Science Teaching Award in 2015.


My research is concerned with quantitative and experimental approaches to public attitudes and opinions on poverty and inequality within rich and poor countries, and public support to tackle them. My work spans from the study of determinants of actions such as donating to international development charities, to studying trends in support for official development assistance across major donor countries, to public awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, and, more recently, to how the COVID-19 pandemic shapes public perceptions of individual and societal risks and consequently, support for global cooperation. In the longer term I am planning to engage with questions surrounding support for redistribution within and across national borders, investigating the relationship or trade-offs between domestic support for redistribution and poverty reduction and demand for international redistribution such as development aid or donations to charities.


Academic publications

  • Hudson, J., Hudson, D., Morini, P., Clarke, H., Stewart, M., (2020, accepted forthcoming). Not one, but many “publics”: public engagement with global development in France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States. Development In Practice.

Policy briefs and reports

  • Morini, P., Anders, M. (2020) In Brief 3: Gendered Engagement in Great Britain. Development Engagement Lab In Brief. Available here.
  • Schneider, S., Eger, J., Morini, P., Hudson, D., Hudson, J. (2019). Media, media use and reporting on global poverty. Opinion Monitor for Development Policy. German Institute for Development Evaluation (Deval). Available here.
  • Hudson, J., Morini, P., Hudson, D. (2019) In Brief 1: Donations in Great Britain – Reasons to Give and Not Give. Development Engagement Lab In Brief. Available here.

Blogs and other online content