Department of Political Science


Dr Lucy Barnes

Lucy Barnes
Associate Professor in Comparative Politics
Email: l.barnes@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Barnes is Associate Professor in Comparative Politics. She joined the Department in 2016 from the University Kent, where she worked as Lecturer in Quantitative Politics. She studied Political Economy and Government (AM, PhD) at Harvard University, and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BA) at Oxford. She has also held research fellowships at Trinity College, Dublin, and was Prize Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, where she remains an Associate Member.  
In 2019 Lucy became part of the first cohort of UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellows, winning four years of grant funding for her project on Mental Models and Political Economy.


Dr Barnes' research focuses on the politics of economic policymaking in rich, western democracies (including the UK). She is currently working on the UKRI-funded Mental Models and Political Economy project, which seeks to understand how various types of people understand the economy. In other projects she is interested in examining the interface between political science and political philosophy, the politics of inequality and redistribution, of fiscal policy and government budgets, and the politics of taxation.


Journal Articles:

  • (with Timothy Hicks) All Keynesians Now? Public Support for Countercyclical Government Borrowing. Political Science Research & Methods. Forthcoming (early view) (open access)
  • Trade and Redistribution: Two-Dimensional Interests and the Origins of Progressive Taxation. Political Science Research & Methods. 8(2), 197-214, 2020 (journal) (https://osf.io/jscqy)
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  • (with Ethan Porter, Jake Haselswerdt and Avi Feller) Information, Knowledge and Attitudes: An Evaluation of the Taxpayer Receipt. Journal of Politics 80(2), 701-706, 2018 (journal) (open access)
  • Private Debt and the Anglo-Liberal model. Government & Opposition 51(4), 529–554, 2016 (journal) (open access)
  • The Size and Shape of Government: Preferences over Redistributive Taxation, Socio-economic Review 13(1), 55–78, 2015 (journal) (open access

Book Chapters and Reference Works:

  • ‘The Politics of Domestic Taxation’ in Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Politics. Oxford University Press: Oxford. 2018 (Oxford Research Encyclopaedia)
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  • Lucy is on research leave in 2020-21, but (as indicated by her research) is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary space of PPE, always happy to meet undergraduates interested in these areas. 
  • She is interested in supervising PhD students proposing to study the political preferences or institutions that shape and are shaped by economic policy and economic outcomes, and especially any projects that may complement the Mental Models in Political Economy project.