Department of Political Science


Dr Lauge Poulsen

Associate Professor in International Political Economy

Room: G.02, 31 Tavistock Sq.
Tel: 020 3108 9297 (x59297)
Email: l.poulsen@ucl.ac.uk


Lauge Poulsen is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Political Science, University College London. Before joining UCL, Poulsen was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. He has held visiting positions at Oxford University’s Global Economic Governance Program, Melbourne Law School, London School of Economics’ Department of Law, and the Economic Studies Division of the Brookings Institution.

Poulsen has advised governments and private organisations on investment policies and given expert testimonies to parliamentary committees in the UK and abroad. He is currently Academic Advisor on Trade Policy to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the lead on Advanced Trade Policy training for Whitehall. 

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Lauge Poulsen works on the politics of international relations, business, and law. His first book, Bounded Rationality and Economic Diplomacy (Cambridge Press), won the International Studies Association's inaugural award for best book in International Political Economy. His second book, The Political Economy of the Investment Treaty Regime, was published in 2017 (Oxford Press; with Bonnitcha and Waibel). He is currently working in a long-term project on the history of British investment diplomacy during the Cold War. 



  • The Political Economy of the Investment Treaty Regime. Oxford University Press, 2017. With M Waibel and J Bonnitcha.
  • Bounded Rationality and Economic Diplomacy: The Politics of Investment Treaties in Developing Countries. Cambridge University Press, 2015. Paperback 2017. 
  • International Studies Association’s Best Book Award for International Political Economy.

Articles (selected)

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Chapters (selected)

  • Investment Treaties. In: Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy, forth. 2021.
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