Department of Political Science


Dr Anna Killick

Anna Killick
Research Fellow
Room: 4.01, 31 Tavistock Sq.
Email: a.killick@ucl.ac.uk



I am a research fellow working on perceptions of the economy. After graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University I worked for the National Consumer Council and Charter88 as Parliamentary Officer. I then taught History and Politics in comprehensive schools before returning to academia. I studied for my doctorate at the University of Southampton, along-side research assistant work on a comparative project on cabinet government and non-academic research into youth poverty in Hampshire.
My doctoral research subject was into perceptions of the economy and I have been working in that area ever since, using qualitative methods to research the beliefs of both everyday and elite actors.


I work on the UKRI funded mental models and political economy (MENMOPE) project based at UCL. This project will investigate contemporary communication and miscommunication, understanding and misunderstanding of the economy. In the MENMOPE project I will be interviewing politicians from a range of parties in five countries to assess how they perceive the economy and frame their presentation of it.
I am keen to extend the use of ethnographic methods within political economy and political science and to contribute to mixed methods approaches. My research groups and networks include the Centre for Political Ethnography, University of Southampton, PSA British and Comparative Political Economy specialist group and PSA Political Interpretivism group.

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