Department of Political Science


Amelia Odida

Senior PGTA in Qualitative Research Methods
Room: 101, 31 Tavistock Sq.
Email: amelia.odida.16@ucl.ac.uk

Amelia is a final year PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science. Her thesis applies decolonial strategies to the analysis of the UN policy of constitutional assistance.
In November 2019, Amelia became a member of the departmental Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee. One of the projects she is responsible for includes facilitating an upcoming series called ‘Lunch and Learn’, a space within the department allowing students and academic staff to speak openly about issues affecting their lived experiences whilst also learning the skills to challenge structures upholding inequalities.
Alongside her academic interests, Amelia works on ways to communicate academic ideas through artistic mediums such as sculpture and painting. She is a director of Photofusion, a photographic educational organisation based in Brixton.
Prior to UCL, Amelia studied History at Cambridge University (BA, 2010)  and International Law at SOAS (MA, 2014).


Amelia’s research focuses on international policy and practice, with a particular interest in the UN. Her wider interests are linked to Global Governance and Post-Colonial/Decolonisation Literature and International Organisations with a particular focus on UN policy and Discourse Analysis. Amelia is also a member of the University of Gothenburg's research group GenDip - a platform for researchers interested in answering questions related to gender, women and diplomacy.

  • Odida, Amelia. 2019. “ Book Review: Not All Dead White Men: Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age by Donna Zuckerberg .” Feminist Review 123(1): 140–42
  • Qualitative Research Methods (Term 2)
  • International Relations 
  • Comprehending COVID-19: A pandemic in social and historical perspective