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Nick Ash

Meet our former International Public Policy student Nick Ash.

Nick Ash

Why did you choose to study at UCL

Initially, the IPP programme really attracted me, I was very keen to do an MSc in policy as opposed to an MA offered at other universities, and the plethora of modules available at UCL was remarkable. The course’s multifaceted approach interested me, from studying policy through both political and economic perspectives, whilst providing the opportunity to become familiar with both quantitative and qualitative research methods. 

Secondly, UCL's world-renowned reputation as an academically excellent, diverse and inclusive institution really appealed to me and as a result I have made amazing friends who chose UCL for similar reasons. 

What’s your favourite /most memorable memory of your time at UCL

Perhaps unusually, my favourite memory of UCL was spending long hours in the library writing my dissertation. Over a three-month period, my group of friends worked long and unimpeded hours on our individual research projects. Each morning I came in with a sense of excitement and stayed late to complete a project that I had chosen. It was an exciting time, as some of the group ventured to far-long corners of the globe to conduct interviews, others collected data closer to home. This period was really marked by a sense of camaraderie and purpose whilst my brain had the biggest work out of its life every day.

What are you doing now/plan to do?

I have most recently been a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at UCL and I am now about to start as a Policy Adviser in the Cabinet Office for the UK's Civil Service. In the future I hope to build on my policy experience, specialise in an area and have a role with more of an international focus. 

How has your UCL education contributed to your career?

My desire was always to go into a policy role after UCL and I think the tools and knowledge I have acquired throughout the course have enabled me to firstly, teach political science students and now land a job as a Policy Advisor. I hope these tools will form the foundation of a long career public policy. 

What advice do you have for current students?

It all goes by in a flash. Each module only lasts 10 weeks and goes so quickly, I would advise current students to start thinking about essays / assessment early. Secondly, make sure to engage with everything else UCL has to offer. 

Describe UCL in five words

Multidisciplinary, Academic-Excellence, Diverse, Independent, World-class, Opportunity.