Department of Political Science


Call for Papers: Challenges to Global Governance - Conflict, Contagion, and Citizens’ Rights

26 November 2018

Are you a UK-based PhD student or post-doc working on intrastate conflict and state repression? Submit a paper to attend our conference on “Challenges to Global Governance: Conflict, Contagion, and Citizens’ Rights” on 18 February 2019.


Though the long-term trend is towards a more peaceful world, violent intrastate conflicts and states’ use of repression against their own citizens remain key global challenges. Conflict and repression spill over borders, create or exacerbate other policy problems, and put pressure on international institutions.

On 18 February 2019, the Global Governance Institute and the Conflict & Change group, with support from the Institute of Advanced Studies, are co-hosting a one-day conference entitled “Challenges to Global Governance: Conflict, Contagion, and Citizens’ Rights”. 

The workshop aims to highlight the work of PhD students and post-docs from across the UK and to foster a community among early career researchers engaged in cutting-edge research on these policy-relevant challenges. Senior scholars will be present to help facilitate discussion. 

For more information, please refer to the call for papers on the Conflict & Change group's website.