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Political Science student Zara Hamzah Sendut published in The Economist

20 July 2022

"How bad are Europe’s wildfires?" Zara Hamzah Sendut has written a fantastic article for The Economist as part of her Social Data Institute Internship.

A tree covered mountain is in the foreground. In the background you can see smoke and some flames rising from a mountain behind.

As part of her Social Data Institute Internship, Zara Hamzah Sendut (second year student studying BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics with Social Data Science) has worked with the team at The Economist on an article as part of their 'Graphic Detail' series: Daily chart: How bad are Europe's wildfires?

Zara and the team have found that there have been nearly four times as many wildfires across the EU this year compared to average (2006-2021), highlighting the exceptional situation that this year's heatwave and droughts have created. 

Zara says "I am just a week and a half into my internship at The Economist and it has been an enriching learning experience thus far. I have attended editorial meetings and have been working closely with the data journalists and visualisers on projects for the Graphic Detail section."

More about the Social Data Institute Internships

The scheme is an opportunity for SHS undergraduates in their second year (or third year if on a four-year programme) to apply their skills in a real-world setting. The internships focus on data-related projects that are exclusive to our students. 

The UCL Social Data Institute equips students with the skills to understand, interpret, evaluate - and importantly - produce research from a wide range of data. Now in its 6th year, our internship programme places students with organisations either already working with data or who need some temporary data expertise. Find out more.

Daily chart: How bad are Europe's wildfires? The Economist. 18/07/2022. Written by Zara Hamzah Sendut, edited by Michelle Hennessy, with data visualisation by Elizabeth Lees & Lloyd Parker.