Department of Political Science


The 2020-2021 issue of the International Public Policy Review

1 September 2021

In this, the 2021 issue of the International Public Policy Review (IPPR), we have gathered a collection of papers by undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UCL School of Public Policy (SPP), patching together a perspective on the global issues from COVID-19.


We focus firstly on the links between the pandemic and ongoing gender disparity around the world, highlighting the situation of girls subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in East Africa, migrant domestic workers in the UK, and trans people in different regions of the globe.

Secondly, we analyse the future of international cooperation in light of the fault lines that emerged within established geopolitical blocs and regional alliances, as well as discussing public opinion on protectionism, and cases where international humanitarian cooperation might not have exclusively positive outcomes.

Finally, we also address COVID-19’s impact on climate policy and environmental discourse. While the pandemic has certainly been at the forefront of global attention in the last 18 months, climate change remains an ever-present and increasingly looming threat that will, to a large extent, determine what the future of humanity looks like.

Here's presenting to you the International Public Policy Review 2020-21 Journal: The Ramifications of COVID-19. I hope you will find this year’s IPPR journal challenging, enriching and thought-provoking.

Editor-in-Chief, IPPR

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