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The SPP Policy and Practice Seminar Series includes presentations of scholarly research and talks by high-profile policy makers, practitioners and academics.  They take place on Thursdays between 6.15 and 8pm during term time in Roberts Building, Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre. These are public events: all students and the general public are welcome to attend. The seminars are followed by drinks reception until 9pm in Roberts Foyer. Please note that some of the events are taking place at SPP Council Room. 

2016/17 Policy and Practice Seminar Series

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6 October '16 

Srdja Popovic 

Chaired by Professor Kristin Bakke. 

13 October '16  Mariana Mazzucato
Michal Jacobs
Wendy Carlin
Richard Davies  

Chaired by Professor Robert Hazell. 
'Rethinking Capitalism: Can better economics generate more successful economic policy?'  
20 October '16  Geoff Dancy
Chaired by Dr Rod Abouharb 
'Human Rights Pragmatism in a Reactionary World'  
3 November '16  Han Dorussen
Ismene Gizelis 
Vincenzo Bove 
Andrea Ruggeri 
Govinda Clayton 
Hannah Smidt 
Chaired by Dr Nils Metternich
'Get Ready: Syria will need peace-keepers'   
17 November '16  Luuk van Middelaar 
Michael Shackleton

Chaired by Dr Christine Reh 
'Europe after Brexit: Freedom and Protection in a Crisis-Driven Union' 
24 November '16  Nils Metternich 
Michael Plouffe 
Colin Provost
Maria Sobolewska
Sherrill Stroschein

Chaired by Dr Jennifer Hudson
'What's next for the US?: The 2016 Election and Expectations for a Trump Presidency'.
1 December '16  Dame Anne Owers 'Guarding the Guards'   
8 December '16  Albert Weale 'The Democratic Duty to Oppose Brexit'   
15 December '16 
Save the Children 'Children of War: When Playground becomes Battleground'
12 January '17 Vijay Rangarajan 'Zombies in the Fog: What should be Afraid of?'
19 January '17  David Halpern 'Inside the Nudge Unit: How Experiments can change Human Behavior and Government Policy' 
26 January '17  Margaret Hodge MP 'Called to Account: How Corporate Bad Behaviour and Government Waste Combine to Cost us Millions'
2 February '17  Andreas Dur 'Why do we see so much public opposition to TTIP? The politicization of trade policy in Europe'. 
9 February '17  Nick Clegg  'Brexit: A Challenge for Europe and the UK'   
23 February '17  Alexander Kramarenko  'Russia's Foreign Policy: Should we be Concerned?' 
2 March '17  Scilla Elworthy 'Why Current Xenophobia and Thuggish Behavior is a Challenge to up our Game and our Consciousness'  
9 March '17  Rebecca Johnson 
Daphine Workuri 

Member of Integrate UK TBC
'Violence Against Women: Are We Doing Enough?'   Register here.
16 March '17  Niall Couper  'The Importance of Media in the 2017 World and why Human Rights Needs Media More than Ever.'  Register here.