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The SPP Policy and Practice Seminar Series includes presentations of scholarly research and talks by high-profile policy makers, practitioners and academics.  They take place on Thursdays between 6.15 and 8pm during term time in JZ Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building in Gower Street. These are public events: all students and the general public are welcome to attend. Drinks reception is taking place at 5.15 in UCL School of Public Policy, Common Room.

2017/18 Policy and Practice Seminar Series

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5 October '17  Carne Ross 
Chaired by Professor Robert Hazell 
'Carne Ross - The Independent Diplomat'   
12 October '17  Quentin Peel 
Chaired by Dr Christine Reh 
'Macron, Merkel & May: who is going to set the European Agenda?'   
19 October '17  Steve Richards 
Chaired by Professor Meg Russell 
'From Trump to Corbyn; how to explain the Rise of the Outsiders'  
26 October '17  Vincent Boland 
Chaired by Dr Alan Renwick 
'There goes the neighborhood: Anglo-Irish relations and Brexit'   
2 November '17  Nick Vaughan-Williams     Chaired by Manuel Vogt 'The Everyday Politics of Migration and Border Security in Europe'   
16 November '17  Anne Applebaum
Chaired by Melanie Garson
'Fake news, disinformation and democracy'   
23 November '17  Adam Oliver 
Peter John 
Manu Savani

Chaired by Albert Weale
'How behavioural economics can transform public policy'  
30 November '17  Gus O'Donnell
'Brexit: Deal or no Deal'   
7 December '17  Michael Jacobs 'Beyond the crisis: Time for an Economic Paradigm'   
14 December '17  Daniel Kelemen
Chaired by Christine Reh & co-organised with UCL European Institute
'Europe's Other Democratic Deficit: National Authoritarianism in Europe's Democratic Union'    
11 January '18 

Rt Hon Jack Straw 

Chaired by Robert Hazell

'Iran: A Better Friend'   
18 January '18 

Mark Bunting 

Chaired by Alan Renwick

'Facebook faces the regulators: pay up, break up or give up?'   
25 January '18  Nick Clegg
Chaired by Robert Hazell
'How to Stop Brexit'   
1 February '18

Nicola Brewer 

Chaired by Robert Hazell

'A career in Diplomacy?'   
8 February '18 Luke Harding 
Chaired by Robert Hazell
'Collusion: Trump and Russia'   
22 February '18 Robert Tombs and Richard Aikens  'The intellectual case for Brexit'  
1 March '18  Kerry Brown, Suzanne Yang, Cai Yuxiao  'China: The new super-power?'   
8 March '18  Germa Bel
Chaired by Marc Esteve
'Disdain, Distrust and Dissolution: Explaining the Catalan Independence Process'   
15 March '18  Jurgen Kronig
Jakub Krupa 
Evdoxia Lymperi 
Jacqueline Minor 
'Europe's view on Brexit - and Beyond'   
22 March '18 John Curtice
Chaired by Jennifer Hudson 
'Why Pollsters got it wrong (again)'  Register here