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The 2024 US Election and the Future of Presidential Power

01 February 2024, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Andrew Rudalevidge wears a suit and stands outside

Andrew Rudalevidge joins us for the 3rd Annual UCL Centre on US Politics Annual Lecture.

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The 2024 US elections will have huge ramifications not just for the United States itself but for its allies like the UK, as well as antagonists around the world. With most signs pointing to a rematch between former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden, what is likely to happen when Americans go to the polls in November?

Please join us for this 3rd Annual UCL Centre on US Politics Annual Lecture, featuring Andrew Rudalevidge, CUSP inaugural honorary professor. 

The lecture will lay out the structure of US national elections, explaining what we know (and don’t) about the upcoming campaign. It will also evaluate the “state of the union” when it comes to presidential power and how America’s next leader is likely to use the powers of the White House.


About The Speaker

Andrew Rudalevige is honorary professor at UCL’s Centre on US Politics (CUSP) and professor of government at Bowdoin College (Maine, USA). Currently, he is also visiting professor at the London School of Economics. Rudalevidge is a leading expert on the US presidency and national politics and served as chair of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section. Recent works include the award-winning book By Executive Order, a new edition of The Politics of the Presidency textbook, and the forthcoming edited volume The Trump Legacy.


About CUSP’s Annual Lecture

UCL’s Annual Lecture series brings prominent scholars and intellectuals to London each year to offer enriching public-facing discussion on pivotal trends and issues pertaining to American politics and its global influence. Since its conception, the series has continued CUSP’s dedication to facilitating informed discourse and a nuanced comprehension of the complex issues shaping American government and policy.

Past Annual Lecture speakers:
2023-24: Andrew Rudalevidge, Bowdoin College
2022-23: Paul E. Peterson, Harvard University
2020-21: George F. Will, Washington Post