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European Perspectives on Brexit: not a Love Story

04 March 2021, 6:00 pm–7:15 pm

european perspectives

The British media tend to report on Brexit only from the British point of view. In this seminar we redress the balance by inviting four foreign correspondents based in London to talk about how Brexit has been viewed from France, Germany, Italy and Poland. What conclusions have leading European countries drawn from the whole Brexit process; and where do they see the future, for the EU and the UK?

This event is free.

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Abi Turner

Our speakers are:

  • Marie Billon, RTL and French media
  • Stefanie Bolzen, Die Welt
  • Antonello Guerrera, La Repubblica
  • Jakub Krupa, UK Correspondent for Polish media, former UK Correspondent for the Polish Press Agency (2015-2019)

We are delighted to run this event alongside the UCL European Institute


Further information

  • Participation is free but we kindly ask that you register using the link provided.
  • Chat will be disabled for attendees, but if you have a question for the panel, please submit it into the Q&A feature of the webinar. 
  • In the second half of the event, we will select as many questions as possible within the time. You will be given the option to unmute yourself to ask the question. 
  • Attendees will not be able to turn their camera on.
  • The twitter hashtag for this event is: #PolicyandPractice and you can follow us @uclspp 
  • This webinar will be recorded and made available on our podcast platform 'UCL Political Science: Public Events'

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