Department of Political Science


First in Family

01 December 2020, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm


A networking event for students in the Department of Political Science who are the first member of their family to attend university.

This event is free.

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Open to

UCL students






Abi Turner

This event aims to create a space for our students who are first in their family to attend university to discuss their experiences, hear from peers in similar positions, network with colleagues, and identify ways in which we as a Department can better support our firsts through subsequent events or peer to peer mentoring. 


  • Introduction – Jennifer Hudson
  • My First in Family Journey
    • Jordi Brown
    • Aidan Miao
    • Thylaxsana Sivakumar
  • Nice to meet you: Speed Friending - Thylaxsana Sivakumar
  • Open Session – Jordi Brown and Aidan Miao


Professor Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson is Professor of Political Behaviour and Head of Department of Political Science/School of Public Policy at University College London (UCL). She is the Director of the Development Engagement Lab (DEL), a multi-country research programme working in partnership with over 30 international development NGOs and government ministries to analyze and understand public support for aid and sustainable development. She is also (tied) first in her family to go to university.

Thylaxsana Sivakumar
Thylaxsana is a 2nd year psychology student from Sri Lanka who grew up in east London. She is interested in mental health, neuroscience and building a career within clinical or business psychology. She really enjoys volunteering and organising events in her free time. Thylaxsana feels passionately about sharing the different events and support systems UCL has for those who are in the first generation of their family to attend university.

Jordi Brown
Jordi is a second year PPE student. He grew up in Jersey before going to boarding school in Scotland for sixth form. He just spent the summer working as a Coronavirus Contact Tracer for the Government of Jersey and spends his free time tutoring in East London and also heads up the Politics section for the UCL Economic Tribune. 

Aidan Fengcheng Miao 
Aidan is a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student here at the Department of Political Science from China, with several years of experience of living overseas. He is big fan of classical music and has been playing the flute and clarinet for about 10 years.