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Departmental Networks

The Department of Political Science aims to create an environment open to all and free of bias, discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance. Our networks listed below provide the opportunity for all staff and students to connect with others and we would love for you to get involved.

Athena Swan

Athena swan
The Department of Political Science is committed to promoting gender equality and we are currently working on the Athena Swan application for a Bronze Award. 

Ethnic and Racial Diversity (ERD)

The Ethnic and Racial Diversity (ERD) Network is a student-staff initiative established within UCL’s Department of Political Science and School of Public Policy. The fundamental aim of the ERD Network is to create a safe space to for minority ethnic members in the department to share their experiences in a safe and communicative space. Further, we aim to discuss, question, challenge systemic inequality and racism within the department through student-staff activism and allyship advocating for change. The current network co-leads are Amber Connor (she/her, Student Lead) a 3rd year Politics and International Relations undergraduate, Maki Kimura (she/her, Staff Lead) – Lecturer (Teaching) in Gender and Politics and Vaania Kapoor Achuthan (she/they, Intersectional Student Lead) – a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student. By hosting social events as well as creating a safe and collaborate space for students and staff in the department, they are committed to establishing an informal setting for minority ethnic members of the department to have a space to discuss concerns and experiences ongoing throughout their time at UCL’s institution. Together, the ERD network plans on taking decisive and effective steps towards promote racial equality and diversity within the department. 

Follow our Instagram account @erdnetwork.uclspp. 

Disability, Neurodiversity, and Wellbeing Network

he Disability, Neurodiversity and Wellbeing network provides a platform for students and staff in UCL’s School of Public Policy to come together and give each other support, while also ensuring the department takes the necessary measures to become an inclusive learning environment. The network aims to do this in several ways:

  • Participants (students and staff who identify with this network) will share their learning and experiences about disability, neurodiversity and wellbeing.
  • Speakers will be invited to address the network; this will include leading academics, as well as individuals with lived experience who are both inspiring and pioneering.
  • We will host two events to celebrate International Disability Awareness Day (September) and International Day of Persons with Disability (December). The former will allow us to celebrate people with disabilities and learn from their experiences, while the latter event focuses on understanding the social constructs and barriers disabled people face.
  • We will organise trips to cultural events around London that celebrate us.

Currently the network is being co-led by Dr Sarabajaya Kumar (she/ her), an intersectional interdisciplinary academic with a research focus on ableism, and Jaffar Latif (He/Him), a final year Philosophy, Politics and Economics undergrad.

Together we will co-create the network as a safe and brave space in which to ensure our rights are not forgotten. Through the network, we will facilitate our support for one another, and voice our concerns to the department and UCL, whilst simultaneously learning more about how we can ensure our impairments, neurodiversity and health conditions are not barriers to full participation in society.

First in Family

A series of events for students in the Department of Political Science who are the first member of their family to attend university. 

We aim to create a space for our students to discuss their experiences, hear from peers in similar positions, network with colleagues, and identify ways in which we as a Department can better support our firsts. 

Gender and Sexuality Diversity Network

The Gender and Sexuality Diversity Network (GSDN) is the focal point of LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the UCL School of Public Policy. In June of 2021 we organised the first of many events, going on a LGBT+ history tour of Bloomsbury with students from our department. Starting in September 2021 we will meet regularly with students and staff from SPP for social events (including a drag show, book clubs, networking events) and for peer support events (including our staff-student support forum). The GSDN is led by three LGBT+ activists: Paolo Morini (he/they, Staff Lead), a researcher in the department and a member of the Department’s EDI committee, Teodor Yankov (he/him, Student Lead) and Vaania Kapoor Achuthan (she/they, Intersectional Student Lead) - both undergraduate students devoted to furthering diversity, inclusion, and accountability through intersectional approaches. We want our network to be a big step in the right direction for our department towards building bridges across our communities, as well as increasing visibility, support, and empowerment of students and staff identifying as LGBT+. 

Follow us on instagram @gsdnetwork.uclspp 

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn is a student-led initiative, creating an inclusive space for students and staff to critically engage with topics and themes over lunch.

Our goal is to generate ideas for an inclusive curriculum, and create a welcoming space for students and staff to connect, learn, and broaden their understanding of current and historic issues which affect societies across the world. As part of our 2020-2021 series, we have invited a range of guest speakers to share their knowledge on topics of expertise and share their insights into their respective fields. All events will take place online until further notice.

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