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Cristóbal Lea-Plaza

Meet Cristóbal Lea-Plaza, a Public Policy MSc alumnus

Cristobel at COP25
Image shows Cristóbal presenting at COP25 in Madrid


I am Cristóbal Lea-Plaza, a Chilean Political Scientist with a masters in Strategic Communication and Msc in Public Policy (UCL Alumni 18). After finishing my Masters in UCL I came back to Chile and I start to work as Public Policy Manager for Amcham Chile (Chilean North American Chamber of Commerce. As a Public Policy Manager, I'm in charge of the five different committees that we work with our members (Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Business and Investment, Corporate Governance and Workforce of the Future). I have a fluent relation with both governments (US and Chilean) to strengthen economic and trade relation between both countries and to relevant the impact of US investment in Chile in terms of economic growth, employees and sustainable development.

Certainly one of the most interesting things in my job, and for what UCL gives me a powerful tool, is to have relationships with different cultures globally, understanding different perspectives and different point of views, trying to have better public policy for people around the world.

From time to time I have to travel to the US with a variety group of people in different topics (Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Public Health, among others) and UCL helps me to understand public policy not as a specific concept but a global one.

Last year I had to present in COP25 in Madrid and I was proud about what UCL taught me about sustainable growth during my stay in London.