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Voices of Ordinary Hope

Ordinary Hope has brought together leaders from academia, philanthropy, media, community campaigning and organising, politics, public service and more. Here we share just some of the reflections, ideas and voices of Ordinary Hope. 
Three older men sitting at a table with mugs of tea outside a pub in England

Let's get ready to crumble - combating division over a cup of tea

Maff Potts, member of the Ordinary Hope core group and Founder and Director of the Association of Camerados, discusses the divisions stoked by culture wars and elections, and Camerados' new campaign on how to disagree well and still enjoy each other's company.

Adam Hawksbee

Remaking conservatism with Adam Hawksbee

We sat down with Adam Hawksbee, one of the most influential voices in contemporary conservative policy-making and someone widely tipped to play a major role in developing conservative thought after the general election.


Hope comes ashore in Grimsby

Our Future and Grimsby Town Football Club have partnered to help bring a town together and build a shared vision for the future. James Baggaley traveled to the seaside town to speak with Emily Bolton, Our Future CEO and Jason Stockwood, Grimsby Town’s Chair and co-owner