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Election 2024

In what the UCL Policy Lab and More in Common call The Respect Election, we'll explore emerging narratives of respect and service. And propose what it means for the country on 4th July and beyond.
Election 2024 three

New report: 2024 Election a 'final warning' as voters demand change to the status quo

New polling from UCL Policy Lab and More in Common finds 67 per cent of the public think the new Government has a mandate to change the country.

A collection of photos from the Citizens UK 2024 General Election Assembly

How respect for citizens’ demands can deliver national renewal and trust

With a new government committing to moving power out of Whitehall and trusting those with 'skin in the game’, James Blatchley-Asfa, Assistant Director of Citizens UK, reflects on the Citizens UK 2024 General Election Assembly and how politicians can work alongside communities.

Keir Starmer and Wes Streeting greet health professionals in a hospital

The new government's priorities for the NHS

From waiting lists to the need for reform to social care, Prof. Naomi Fulop, Professor of Health Care Organisation and Management at UCL, discusses what challenges the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care will face.

Keir Starmer and Angela Raynor visiting Harlow Football Ground

Change and respect: the hopes at the heart of this election campaign

For too long British politics has left its best talents on the bench. An incoming Prime Minister should change our style of politics and policy for the better, putting country first and party second.

A photograph of a street in the English town of Whitby

Labour promises to unleash private investment for public services. Will it work?

In this opinion essay, Dr Eleanor Woodhouse, Associate Professor in Public Policy at UCL, discusses the impact of public-private partnerships and the opportunities and challenges they provide.

A panel discussion of four people

Mission-led government can build a new era of collaboration and shared service

In this opinion essay, our Britain Renewed co-conveners discuss the potential of mission-led government and how to create best practice when delivering missions.

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New poll shows Conservatives now lag behind Labour on patriotism

Research from the UCL Policy Lab and More in Common explores the importance voters put on the patriotism of their political leaders in the lead up to the general election.


Changemakers Chat podcast: UK Election Special - participation and elections

Listen to Marc Stears from UCL Policy Lab and Martha MacKenzie from Civic Power unpack what is working and what isn't working in the 2024 election.

A drone shot of Milton Keynes

Buy now, pay later: what do manifestos mean for welfare?

In this opinion essay, Dr Tom O’Grady, Associate Professor of Political Science at UCL and author of The Transformation of British Welfare Policy, explores what the general election manifestos mean for welfare policy.

A collection of photos of members of the public

New report shows fundamental role of 'respect' in general election campaign

A report produced by the UCL Policy Lab and More in Common has revealed that one of the biggest drivers of those who have switched their vote from Conservative to Labour since 2019 is a feeling that Keir Starmer and Labour are more likely to ‘respect voters like them’.

A photo of an old butcher's shop

Respect can provide the thread that pulls together Labour’s policy offer

At our Britain Renewed conference, we joined with Power to Change and other partners to discuss how fundamentals of government need to change. Here Josh Westerling, Policy Manager at Power to Change, reflects on why respect has emerged as a key theme in the election campaign.

London Skyline (credit: Jorn Tomter)

Sticking plasters and snake oil: what to avoid in an election manifesto

As political parties launch their general election manifestos, UCL Policy Lab Director Marc Stears urges us to look beyond short term ‘sticking plasters’ and seemingly simple solutions to the challenges we face.


An ordinary hope? How everyday life is shaping the general election

In a week when extraordinary acts of service were marked, we explore how, in this election, politicians are crafting a new political narrative from the ordinary stories of Britons.

A collection of photos of members of the public

Election 24: writing a new story for Britain

UCL Policy Lab Director Marc Stears sets out how the next five weeks will help shape the next chapter in Britain's story.