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2012 UCL Lancet Lecture by Mr Michel Sidibé

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2012 UCL Lancet Lecture by Mr Michel Sidibé

Health Justice and the Future of Development

Michel Sidibé (Executive Director of UNAIDS) delivers the UCL Lancet Lecture 2012, outlining his vision of global health governance for the post-2015 development era. Sidibé explains that the game of global health governance is changing, and if global health players such as the World Bank and the World Health Organization do not rethink themselves, they will become obsolete.

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The UCL Lancet lecture is an annual global health event open to the public, co-hosted by UCL Grand Challenges, UCL Institute for Global Health, and The Lancet. More information on the UCL Grand Challenges: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/grand-challenges/ucl-grand-challenges

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