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Generation One: Post COP26 - Where are we now?

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Season One - Episode 3 - Generation One: The Climate Podcast

Post COP26: Where are we now?

This week we are talking COP26: what happened, what it means and where we go from here. Join our hosts Helen Czerski and Mark Maslin in conversation with Prof Kate Jones, Dr Priti Parikh and Ryan Phillip from the St Kitts and Nevis delegation, and they are discussing the COP agreement, what was missed, the big wins and the big misses.

Helen and our guests cover the main takeaways from COP from deforestation to adaptation, loss and mitigation. We get into who was left out of COP, the impacts on the Small Island Alliance and the problem of western countries causing damage and expecting others to fix it.

For more information and to access the transcript: www.ucl.ac.uk/climate-change/podcast

To get involved and pledge your action visit: www.ucl.ac.uk/climate-change/generation-one

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