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Tableau Support

Dashboards are accessible through the UCL Tableau Server.

Accessing Dashboards

For an outline of what the available dashboards are, please see our catalogue of available Tableau dashboards. Once you know what you want to access, please complete this short form. When you have access, you can use the UCL Data & Insight Server, logging in with your usual UCL username and password.

Using Dashboards

If you are new to Tableau, and only have time to watch one video, watch this one. Guidance and help materials which relate to Tableau Server are available below.

For more information, please see our full guide, Getting UCL Tableau Users Started.

Any queries, please contact us

Tableau Server Guidance (External Resources)

These links explain how to connect, explore, analyse, present, and share data:



Sign in to Tableau Server 

How to sign in to the Tableau server. 

Navigating the Tableau Server

How to navigate the Tableau server.

Using Tableau Server

Explore how to create and edit views, dashboards, explore content, and share and collaborate.

Visual Gallery

The art of the possible. Example visualisations which may provide some new ideas for your own analyses.