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Dashboards are accessible through the UCL Tableau Server. Our dashboard development priorities are set by a governance group comprising academic and professional services staff.

Please contact us with feedback, or if you have an idea for a dashboard, or a question you think Data & Insight could help answer.

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Admission & Enrolment 

How do application, offer and accept volumes vary compared to targets, and to history?

UG Admissions [2020] 

PG Admissions [2020]
UG Admissions [2019]
PG Admissions [2019]
How many students have registered on a department's modules over the last three years? How many students are registered on a module compared to the rooming capacity? Student Module Registrations


What are the trends for submitted grant volumes and budgets over time? What levels of FEC recovery, contribution to overheads, and success do I achieve for different years and for different funders?

Worktribe Applications

How many contracts are currently being processed and what is their value? How many contracts are submitted and completed each quarter?

How long do contracts of each type normally take? What is the work-in-progress by contract type?

Worktribe Research Contracts Pipeline

How do subject areas, GPA and 4* research perform compared to competitors and the sector?

REF 2014

The Research Grant Summary is a simple summary view of pre award grants data. What is the value of Research grants? The count of applications to funders?

What is  the success rates, the award dates, award value, the FEC recovery, contribution to overheads and submission dates over time?

Research Grant Summary

Education and student experience

Do final degree classifications or annual student achievement vary by student demographics or department?

UG Award and Progression 2018-19

PGT Award and ASER 2017/18
Is my department /my faculty / UCL on track to reach the minimum response threshold for NSS 2019?

NSS Response rates

The New to UCL Survey dashboard provides data on how do new students experience arrival at UCL, the factors that influenced students to study at UCL and the programmes they choose to study at UCL. Data is included on a student’s first term experience, their module selection, personal tutor meetings, how students rate their accommodation, their awareness and access to support services.New to UCL Survey
What were the destinations of UCL graduates six months after graduation from 2006 to 2017? What are the destinations, sectors and employment of UCL graduates 15 months after graduation from 2017?

Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education

Graduate Outcomes survey

Sector Benchmarking

The Russell Group Benchmarking dashboard provides data visualisation on UCL and benchmarks UCL alongside its competitors.

Russell Group Benchmarking Dashboard

The League Tables dashboard provides data on the three main UK League Tables, including rank by subject area and metric, and shows how UCL has performed over the last 5 years.League Tables (UK)

Tableau Usage

How often do your staff engage with the Data and Insight Tableau dashboards? Which pages are being most heavily used? Which are not being used?

Tableau Usage