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Tableau Dashboards

Dashboards are accessible through the UCL Tableau Server. 

Accessing Dashboards

For an outline of what the available dashboards are, please see the menu below. Once you know what you want to access, please complete this short form

When you have access, you can use the UCL Tableau server, logging in with your usual UCL username and password.  Before you start using our dashboards, please review your data protection responsibilities by reading the Transparency, Security and Privacy page.

Please note: some dashboards are open to all staff, some require you to state your job role and the reason for accessing the data. See below for details. Any queries, please contact us.

Dashboard Links

ThemeDashboardWhat does the dashboard tell you?Access
Admissions & EnrolmentUG AdmissionsHow do application, offer and accept volumes vary compared to targets, and to history for undergraduates?All staff
PG AdmissionsHow do application, offer and accept volumes vary compared to targets, and to history for postgraduates?All staff
Student Module RegistrationsHow many students have registered on a department's modules over the last three years? How many students are registered on a module compared to the rooming capacity?

All staff

Start of sessionWhat % of new and returning students have enrolled to date, compared to our targets?All staff
Enrolment trendsWho are UCL's students and where are they from? How have student numbers changed over the past five years?All staff
Education & Student ExperienceUG Award and ProgressionDo final degree classifications or annual student achievement vary by undergraduate student demographics or department?All staff
PGT Award and ASERDo final degree classifications or annual student achievement vary by postgraduate student demographics or department?All staff
BAME awarding gap (UG)Exploration of the UCL awarding gap between white and BAME undergraduate students domiciled in the UK (contact data owner for access)Prior permission only
New to UCL SurveyThe New to UCL Survey dashboard provides data on how new students experience arrival at UCL, the factors that influenced students to study at UCL and the programmes they choose to study at UCL.All staff
Graduate Outcomes SurveyWhat are the destinations, sectors and employment of UCL graduates 15 months after graduation from 2017?All staff
NSS Response RatesIs my department /my faculty / UCL on track to reach the minimum response threshold for the current National Student Survey?Prior permission only

National Student Survey results

What are my NSS results at faculty, department and programme level? How does UCL compare to the sector, Russell Group and London Group? 

Data is available back to 2017. For further support in using the NSS dashboard, a video walkthrough is available. 

All staff
PGT Portfolio Review Tool (2020)How well is my postgraduate taught programme performing in terms of institutional performance and market attractiveness?All staff
PTES benchmarkingHow do UCL’s PTES results compare to sector level benchmarks? How do the results in my faculty or departments compare between demographic groups?All staff
Subject MappingHow can I understand the subject code system, and how does my subject map against various HESA codes? What split of subject codes exist in my department?All staff
ResearchWorktribe Research Contracts PipelineHow many contracts are currently being processed and what is their value? How many contracts are submitted and completed each quarter?Prior permission only
Research Trends: applications, awards, contractsOverview of yearly research grant applications, awards, and contract trendsAll staff
REFHow do subject areas, GPA and 4* research perform compared to competitors and the sector?All staff
Worktribe ApplicationsWhat are the price, cost, recovery and overheads of submitted grant applications? What is the status of submitted applications? Which departments achieve the best success rates?All staff
Research Grant SummaryThe Research Grant Summary is a simple summary view of pre award grants data. What is the value of Research grants? The count of applications to funders, the success rates and award values?All staff
Sector benchmarkingLeague Tables (UK)The League Tables dashboard provides data on the three main UK League Tables, including rank by subject area and metric, and shows how UCL has performed over the last 5 years.All staff
Global League TablesAn overview of performance in Global League Tables, focusing on QS and THE. Further detail will be available in 2022.All staff
Planning Round Sector MetricsKey metrics showing Faculty performance in comparison to the sector for the purposes of the Faculty Planning Round.Relevant job role
HE-BCI SurveyThe Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey measures the volume and direction of interactions between HE providers, businesses and the wider community.All staff
Market ResearchThis tool uses HESA enrolments data to compare institutional and subject enrolments to the sector for market researchAll staff
UCAS competitor applicationsExplore which other institutions and programmes UCL undergraduates apply to, and the likelihood of applicants choosing UCL as their firm choice over competitor offersAll staff
Strategy & Planning
UMC Key IndicatorsAn institutional overview of selected key metrics to support UMC in understanding UCL's staff, students, finance and estatePrior permission only
Student Number Planning - Actuals/ProjectionsA dashboard showing actual and projected student numbers using enrolments and projections from the previous year’s planning round.Relevant job roles
StaffUCL Organisational StructureA table of UCL's organisational structure from levels 1 to 6All staff
Staff trendsTrends on UCL staff headcounts and FTE, turnover and demographics by organisational unitAll staff
Mandatory Learning ComplianceStaff compliance with UCL's mandatory learning requirementAll staff
Tableau UsageTableau UsageHow often do your staff engage with the Data and Insight Tableau dashboards? Which pages are being most heavily used? Which are not being used?All staff