UCL Planning Team


Data & Insight Advice

Data Briefing Questions

We hope these questions can help your thinking when you want to decide what data & insight needs and requirements you may have. When you approach us to work with you, we will ask you to provide us with the answers to these questions because they are the best place to start. 

  • What are you working on and what is the overall objective you are working towards? Is the work for an existing working group/committee?  

  • Who is the work to be delivered to - who are the main stakeholders?   

  • What will the stakeholders be using the information for? What decisions will they make, what actions will they take based on it the information?   

  • If this is for dashboarding, what kind of regularity is the reporting for?   

  • Tell us about the analysis you need. What questions do you want to answer? What measures do you want to visualise?  

  • Do you have a group of users who can help you by testing and feeding back on the usability of your design? We recommend that you have this.    

  • Where is your data coming from? Tell us about your data sources.   

  • What timeframe are you working to?   

  • What other context can you give us? 

Metric Design Tool

Thinking through how to evaluate your work against strategic or operational plans and deciding what measures and metrics or KPIs to use is challenging. We have created this metric design template to help you do that thinking so that you can pick meaningful measures that will help you towards your goals.