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CPS Research Fellows give invited lectures at the University of St Andrews

24 September 2012

The annual Irvine Review Lectures, given in the Chemistry Department of the University of St. Andrews, were presented on Wednesday September 19th by Dr Giovanna Tinetti (UCL Physics and Astronomy), Dr Dominic Fortes (UCL Earth Sciences) and Professor Nigel Mason OBE (Open University, Physics and Astronomy).

The theme for the 2012 lectures was 'Chemistry in Space'; all three talks focused on organic chemistry and the search for habitable environments, biosignatures, or life itself, elsewhere in the cosmos. Dr Tinetti spoke on the composition of exoplanets, and Dr Fortes on the role of methane in the geology and astrobiology of Titan.

The Irvine Review Lectures are given in honour of Professor James C. Irvine KBE, an organic chemist who was instrumental in developing the world-leading research profile of the Chemistry department at St. Andrews, and who served as the University's principal and vice chancellor from 1921 until his death in 1952.

The speakers thank Dr Richard Baker for organising the event, and Dr Alan Aitken for hosting on the day.