Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


IPLS Meetup - 06 May 2015

06 May 2015, 4:30 pm–5:30 pm

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MRC/Laboratory for Molecular Biology Seminar Room

Please note we will start at 4:30PM!

The IPLS Monthly Meet-up is a great opportunity to learn about the newest research going on in areas of biological physics at UCL. There will be two talks, followed by drinks and snacks in the LMCB tea room. Details for this month's speakers and talk titles are below. 


1./ Nick Boyd-Gibbins - Joerg Albert Group (UCL Ear Institute)

Pharmaco-biophysical studies of mechanotransducer function in the Drosophila antennal ear

2./ Johnny Nguyen - Isabel Llorente-Garcia Group (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

Alignment of graphite microparticles in solution: towards a new technique for single molecule force spectroscopy