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UCLO (Observatory) and Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy

There are a number of course modules and activities at the UCL Observatory (UCLO) which are taught during the week in afternoon and evening hours (both terms). These courses span from basic notions of observational astronomy to data analysis and data reduction in the context of planets, asteroids, stars and galaxies.

These courses are delivered by senior teaching fellows Steve Fossey and Stephen Boyle, as well as Prof Giorgio Savini and Dr Francisco Diego, who also rely on capable graduate students to demonstrate alongside. Course demonstration is an excellent opportunity to improve teaching skills as well as improve one’s CV.

Courses are assigned on a first-come first-served basis with some consideration and priority in course-demonstrator pairing given to those with prior experience at UCLO for 3rd year modules. Training is offered for the operation of the Fry and C14s in September and early October.

Contact: Dr Giorgio Savini

This year the Department still offers the 2nd year of a part-time Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy. This course is made up of lectures ( PHAS0034, PHAS0032), a practical class (PHAS0031) and review essay (PHAS0033): please see Course Structure. There are opportunities to teach on all of these modules.

Contacts: Dr Giorgio Savini, Prof Neal Skipper


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